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Phalaenopsis violacea var coerulea

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Phalaenopsis violacea var coerulea differs from the type by having blueish-lavender coloured flowers, that might have green apices or not, with yellow lateral lip lobes. The intensity of the colour is highly variable in different plants.

Phalaenopsis violacea is a medium sized plant with pale to medium green leaves up to 25 cm. The inflorescences will bear 1 or 2 flowers at a time, but will continue to produce flowers which open sequentially for many years. The extremely fragrant flowers are typically dark rose, with green apices on both sepals and petals.

Phalaenopsis violacea is found in Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula at elevations around 150 metres.

Plants provided as flowering size in a 12 cm pot.

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Phalaenopsis and More