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Phalaenopsis lamelligera

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Phalaenopsis lamelligera is treated broadly as a synonym for Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi (Christenson), although Herman Sweet separated these species on the basis of the callus shape. I have followed H. Sweet's decision to keep it as a separate species until I have examined enough flowers.

Phalaenopsis lamelligera is a medium sized plant with narrow leaves up to 22 cm. The inflorescence is erect, with a terete peduncle and a flattened rachis, as typical for the other species on this section. The yellow flowers present red to brown bars and spots. The lip is creamy white, with bright yellow lateral lobes. The flowers are successive, with a few flowers being open at the same time, and the green inflorescences are viable for many years, producing fresh flowers in successive sessions. Strong fragrance in warm temperatures.

H. Sweet described this species as originating from Borneo.

Flowering sized plants in an 8 cm pot.

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Phalaenopsis and More