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Phalaenopsis gigantea


Phalaenopsis gigantea has the largest leaves on the genus, growing to over 60 cm in lenght (sometimes even 80 cm), they have a pale, dull, olive green colour. The pendent inflorescences are often hidden under the large leaves, and carry many 5 cm flowers that are mildly fragrant and with round segments that usually overlap. The petals and sepals can be either white or creamy yellow, with many brown bars and spots that align that form more or less irregular concentric rings, with a white lip with longitudinal purple stripes.

Phalaenopsis gigantea is endemic to Sabah and Kalimantan Timur, where it is found from sea level to elevations of 400 m.

The plants are easy to grow, but they are slow to reach mature size, and even then, growers report difficulty in stimulating the plants into flower. This is usually caused by insuficient light levels. Eric A. Christenson reports that these plants can tolerate very bright, Cattleya-like light levels if the leaf temperature can be controlled.

Plants provided as young plants in a 9 cm pot.

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Phalaenopsis and More