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Phalaenopsis finleyi

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Previously knows as Kingidium minus, and Phalaenopsis minus, this is possibly the 'Marmite' of the Phalaenopsis genus.

Miniature to small plants, with decidious leaves in winter that produce arching at first then pendant inflorescences that carry up to five or six flowers at any time. The flowers have strongly reflexed petals and sepals, white background with pale brown and purple barring.; the column brown speckled and a creamy white, triangular lip, with brown barring and purple blotches on the lateral lobes.

Phalaenopsis finleyi is endemic to Thailand.

Grow this plant warm, with plenty of water and light throughout the year to avoid losing all the leaves during winter.

Flowering sized plants (miniature), mounted on a clay tile.

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Phalaenopsis and More