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Phalaenopsis equestris '3 Lips'


Phalaenopsis equestris is a delightful, small growing species from the Philippines and Taiwan, with 3 cm bright pink flowers, although both plant size and flowers can be quite variable throughout the species range. The flowers are borne in dense, erect to pendent inflorescences, which will readily produce terminal keikis once the flowering period is over.

This particular cultivar has a genetic mutation which creates peloric flowers, where the two laterals sepals are actually lips, creating long spikes with rather beautifully strange looking flowers that open sequentially. As with other types of Phalaenopsis equestris, once the inflorescence has finished flowering, it is very prone to produce a keiki, which once rooted, can be potted up on its own to produce another plant.

Plants provided as flowering size plants in an 8 cm pot.

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Phalaenopsis and More