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Phalaenopsis corningiana 'Dark Red'

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This particular cultivar has much vibrant, darker red flowers.

Phalaenopsis corningiana is a medium sized plant with elliptic leaves up to 32 cm that become conduplicate towards the base. This species carries a few fragrant flowers opening sequentially on arching inflorescences. The flowers are cream to creamy green overlaid with heavy red to brown barring, changing from transverse near the base, to longitudinal towards the apex of the floral segments. The white midlobe of the lip is pretty much obscured by the red to purple bars, and densely covered with trichomes towards the apex.

Phalaenopsis corningiana grows in Borneo at low altitudes of up to 600 metres.

Plants provided are near flowering size in an 8 cm pot.

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Phalaenopsis and More