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Phalaenopsis bellina

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Phalaenopsis bellina is a medium sized plant, with pale green leaves growing to 25 cm. The arching inflorescences keep growing and flowering for many years, and bear 1 or 2 open flowers at a time, very fragrant, greenish white to greenish yellow, with a purple triangular feature on the inner halves of the lateral sepals and just above the column. The midlobe of the lip is purple, with the lateral lobes being a deep yellow colour.

Phalaenopsis bellina was sold under the name Phalaenopsis violacea var Borneo for many years, but it was finally elevated to species status in 1995 by the late Eric A Christenson.

Phalaenopsis bellina is found in peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak at elevations up to 200 meters.

Plants provided as flowering sized in an 8 cm pot.

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Phalaenopsis and More