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Phalaenopsis (Doritis) pulcherrima 'Wild Selected'

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Phalaenopsis pulcherrima are small terrestrial plants that will, in time, form large clumps by producing basal offshots. The small cerise flowers open sequentially on a long, erect inflorescence that continues to elongate throughout the flowering season.

This is the 'Wild Selected' type, with flowers that look exactly like those on plants that have not been line bred to improve the shape or size of the flowers.

Phalaenopsis pulcherrima is found in northeast India, southern China, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Borneo and Sumatra.

Phalaenopsis pulcherrima requires brighter light levels than most other Phalaenopsis in order to flower best.

Plants provided as flowering size in an 8 cm pot.

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Phalaenopsis and More