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Phalaenopsis, or moth orchids, are the most versatile and easily recognisable orchids all over the world. Undemanding and easy to look after even as a house plant, they will reward you with flowers for months on end.


There is a very wide range of Phalaenopsis species and other orchids that can be grown in the UK either as house plants or in your greenhouse. All of the orchids you can find here are easy to care and will thrive indoors without much need for expensive equipment.


Phalaenopsis and More aims to offer you a place to come for Phalaenopsis species, novelty hybrids and a range of other interesting and wonderful orchids to suit your growing space.


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Phalaenopsis violacea var coerulea Phalaenopsis Lea Marie Salazar Phalaenopsis equestris C#1

We have a range of other orchids which are not listed in our products. If the plant you are looking for is not listed, why don't you send us a message to ask if we stock it?

Welcome to Phalaenopsis and More. The online store for all your Phalaenopsis cravings!

The new shipment of plants has now arrived and as the weather improves, we will be again sending orders out from the 1st of April onwards.


Please have a look at the new product lines added under 'Other Orchids' tab, as well as the usual Phalaenopsis, Bulbophyllum and Dendrobium species.

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