Phalaenopsis and More

About Us



If you are here is because as me, you are interested in orchids, right?


I have been an orchid grower since 2002, and much to the surprise of all my friends, I have done this quite successfully indoors, in a small South London flat without investing in expensive or specialist equipment for my plants.


I like to keep mostly orchid species, although like every other orchid grower, I do keep a number of orchid hybrids too, because they are so much easier to flower and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to enjoy beautiful flowers every day of the year?


I have also been an active member of two local orchid societies for a number of years; the Orchid Society of Great Britain ( and the Croydon & District Group. Both societies meet once a month, and there is always a mixture of friendly people to chat to and learn from, as well as great lectures and plant shows, and more often than not, an orchid on the raffle table to take home too!


I decided to create Phalaenopsis and More to try and fill in the gap for Phalaenopsis species in the UK orchid trade. I often find that, whilst there are plenty of Phalaenopsis hybrids and a few species both in orchid nurseries and the high street shops (i.e. florists and supermarkets), I always had trouble finding many of the more unusual species.


My aim is to be able to offer as many Phalaenopsis species, as well as more unusual, novelty hybrids picked personally for being something different and more interesting than the plants already in offer somewhere else. But of course, this business will not limit itself to Phalaenopsis plants only (we are called ‘Phalenopsis and More’ for a reason!). You can always find other interesting orchids in our products section, and if you look on the ‘Bargain Corner’, you might find, from time to time, divisions and surplus plants from my own personal orchid collection at bargain prices.


I can also give talks and lectures to societies and groups on a variety of orchid related topics. For a list of topics and my fees, get in touch by email, or leave a message on my phone.